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It’s no secret that women respond to men’s sexual desire and match it with their own. This only means the more excited you are, the more tenacious she will be. Max Testosterone increases your sexual desire and stamina which allows you to give your partner more of what she desires.

Just when she thinks she has had her fill, you can excite her even more by delivering a sexually visible surprise – unload your ejaculate like never before. This let’s her know that you’ve enjoyed every minute. This will keep her coming back for more!

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Boost your testosterone and increase ejaculate

How Xplozion Works

Observe that the orgasm process involves a series of delicate muscles that contract each time you climax. Xplozion works by drastically increasing your testosterone levels, which has the following benefits:

  • Increase seminal fluids for more ejaculate
  • Building muscle in delicate prostate areas
  • Increase sex drive and vigor
  • Produce more sperm
  • More orgasm control

Cum Further and Impress

Benefits of being able to cum further and more:

  • Visually impress your partner
  • Satisfy your partner with excitement
  • More intense orgasms
  • Aim and control your ejaculate
  • Your partner looks forward to the next time
  • Your partner will desire you more

Nutritional Information

Xplozion is made with 100% Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients that are all natural and clinically proven to increase testosterone, sexual vigor, lean muscle mass, and semen volume. Here is the list of Xplozion’s key ingredients that help you to cum further.

% of Daily Value in 1 Capsule

125% of daily needs for Vitamin C

100% of daily needs for Vitamin E

50% of daily needs for Vitamin B3

8333% of daily needs for Vitamin B12

66.5% of daily needs for Zinc

Xplozion Formulation

One bottle of Xplozion contains 60 capsules

More than enough to keep your seminal juices flowing.

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1 Bottle


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Contains 60 capsules

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2 Bottles


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